Guess who's given up the fewest sacks in the NFL through three games?

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    Now, part of that is on Stafford’s generally quick release — that’s why the Bears rank among the best as well.

    But credit where it’s due on this young, reconstituted O-line. They are protecting the QB and I’m seeing better power-run-blocking than I’ve seen in years.

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    I give a lot of credit to the OL, despite losing Fox they’ve done well.   Stafford isn’t getting beat up like I feared he would, kudos for that.   Not sure the runblocking is all that great though, it’s not like the yards per carry are anything to write home about.   Not bad though, and they’re not getting as many false starts and offensive holding calls either.   Part of it is Linehan is running a lot of short quick throws, so the defense doesn’t have time to get to Stafford and the OL doesn’t have to hold their blocks as long.    And we should credit whoever the OL coach is, the guys up front are doing well.

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    next year we may finish this oline! Raiola signs REAL cheap to come back for a 1-2 year deal and we draft his replacement.


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    Bears line looked pretty bad last night against the Steelers, but damn does Cutler have great awareness in the pocket. The guy avoids pressure like the plague.

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    The Lions Need to have the crowd as loud as it was on that Monday night game to win. IMO. Get their inexperienced OL a little jittery.

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    yah – Cutler’s nickname should be Spiderman for his uncanny sixth sense….

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    Don’t forget though, that it’s been that same quick hitter passing game that’s led to INT’s for TD’s and 3 yard plays on 3rd and 4.  We are running some too similar plays in the clutch.  That quick slant to the outside WR.  We’ve been successful with it, but on a down where we need to be less predictable, we run it again.  It burned us last week on the Honey Badger play at the end.  I think it’s good, while those young lineman are getting up to speed, but I certainly hope we let some of these plays develop downfield as opposed to keeping Matt clean at all cost and essentially becoming the Wet Toast Offense.

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    And the Lions have been offensively productive (outside the 3rd and 4th quarters in Arizona):


    1) 4th in yards per game

    2) 6th in scoring (and with two more MADE FGs they are 4th in scoring)

    3) 2nd in passing yards per game

    4) 7th in QB rating (the OL affects that for sure)

    5) 5th in 20+ yard plays (13)

    6) And tied for 1st with 4 40+ yard plays.


    That is a lot of stuff to like.

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